Monday, August 1, 2011

Last of the Executioners Tactical Marines!

I've finished painting the last of my twenty Tactical Marines for the Executioners. I think this batch came out the best of the bunch.

As I said, I think these came out the best, with one little hitch that I really don't want to take the time to correct. The Sergeant's pose looks intimidating from a model's eye view, and his converted combi-melta is suitably impressive. The only big mistake I noticed is that one of my marines is dyslexic; I painted his chapter badge and Tactical marking on the wrong shoulder pads. I was so used to putting the chapter badge on the right pad from all of the other models that I just did it on him too, even though he had two flat shoulder pads.

Oh well, I wanted them to be individualistic.


  1. "I'm wearing my badges where I please, I don't care what the Chaplain says... he's right behind me isn't he?" last words of the unfortunate brother Dyslexios. Seriously though, these look excellent and the speed at which you painted them makes me feel like a bum, keep up the good work.

  2. In a fit of codex correct madness, I managed to pull both shoulder pads off and switch them. It turned out to be less than a brilliant idea, as I spend as much time fixing the damaged paint as I would have just repainting the markings.

    Everybody moved at their own pace, and I've had a lot of painting time these last couple weeks. I'm working on some Blood Angel Devastators now, as I wanted a break from the Executioners. After that, I'll start on the Rhinos. I take forever on vehicles.


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