Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reliable Deepstriking Terminators?

As I've written before, my Assault Terminators perform an important role in all of my primarily jump infantry armies. They can take on enemy units that Assault squads can't. With the proliferation of units with lots of power weapon or power fists attacks, we need a unit with invulnerable saves to take them on. Vanguard are great at tying them up, but become really expensive if you give them storm shields and power weapons. Terminators have massive survivability and hitting power, allowing them to take on almost any enemy hammer unit.

They do have one serious drawback in a jump pack army. They're not mobile. They need to deploy by deep strike, and they really need to deep strike early in the game in order to fulfill their role. My worst games have been when the Terminators stay in reserve until turn 4 or 5. Blood Angels jump packers have a way around this due to Descent of Angels so the rest of my army shows up very reliably. The Terminators are the one loose cannon in this scheme.

I've been thinking about how to use another, more reliable option, but I still find them too expensive and just inferior to Terminators once they reach their target. Then it struck me. One man can make the Terminators more reliable.

Brother Corbulo allows you to re-roll any roll once during the game. In my case, that roll to see if the Terminators arrive on turn 2 seems to be the most important roll of each game. For that turn, my Terminators are just as reliable as my jump pack units. Should they arrive on the first roll, I can save that re-roll for a bad deep strike roll or an important save.

Of course, Corbulo doesn't work well in an all deep striking army, as he can't deep strike. However, he's a major asset when there are Devastators in the list. He stays safe (at least until you need his re-roll, which is generally pretty early in the game), grants Feel No Pain to the Devastators, and provides a tough speed bump in case enemy squads try to assault the Devastators.


  1. Wow that is an unusual character to pick of all the special characters in the BA codex! Good post.

  2. Thanks! While Sanguinor, Dante, and Astorath all seem like obvious choices for jump pack armies, only Dante really works with my army style. Corbulo, on the other hand, fits easily into any army that includes infantry Priests for a very small increase in points. I think he brings a lot of reliability, and I'll make sure to post the army I'm putting him in and how it works out for me.

  3. Though I can see the benefit of the re-roll, this re-roll doesn't come cheap (in points). You are right he can give FnP to your Devastators, but your opponent can easily enough target your other Devastator units, meaning it stays one expensive re-roll in the end.
    I'm also thinking if it wouldn't be more effective if you re-rolled the dice for turn 3. Rerolling a 4+ might still fail, but rerolling a 3+ is almost impossible to do so. So rather going for the certain turn 3 deepstrike instead of an improved turn 4 deepstrike. I guess it will depend what is best on the exact battle (maybe you only want them to show up turn 3).

    Interesting post though. ;)

    Brynjolf Irontooth

  4. In the games I've played so far with Devastators and a Priest (I haven't played any with Corbulo yet), I always cluster my Devastators in a good firing position the Priest can cover them all. It's not too hard to fit 15 marines within his aura.

    Corbulo also has the advantage that he is almost immune to shots that don't pierce his armor, with his 2+ FNP. Therefore, he can soak up long range, high AP shots directed at his squad, such as from the very common autocannon. This same characteristic makes him a great speedbump if enemy squads get close to the Devastators. He can shrug off an enormous number of standard attacks.

    I've also been thinking it might be best to save the re-roll for turn 3, giving a 8/9 chance to arrive rather than the 3/4 chance on turn 2. Of course, it will depend if I desperately need my Terminators early, but my experience says that a turn 3 arrival is often best because the enemy has had to commit to their battle plan at that point.

    Overall, I think his advantages are a good deal for the 55 points he costs above a naked standard Priest. Once I get a chance to try him out, I'll make sure to let everyone know how he works out.


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