Friday, July 29, 2011

Product Review: Exectioners Rhino Doors

When it comes to custom parts for different chapters, these are generally limited to very popular chapters. Forgeworld has done a good job of supplying bits for most first founding chapters, and a few other like the Red Scorpions and Astral Claws. For the moment, Executioners have to fend for themselves.

While browsing Chapterhouse Studios, I came across Tactical Rhino doors with skulls.  They looked like they fit the theme I'm going with for my Executioners, and they weren't too expensive at $11 for a set. I ordered two sets for my two Tactical squad Rhinos, still waiting to be assembled.

The pieces are made of resin, and feels a lot like what Forgeworld uses. They're a bit hard and brittle, but they can be worked with if you're careful. There's not too much flash, and the mold lines are easily removed. In this case, the edges are mostly going to be hidden when assembled, so it's not a worry.

The pieces look great. There are no thin spots, as I've had with other resin pieces I've purchased, and the details are very crisp, with the exception of the aforementioned mold lines. I am definitely looking forward to assembling the Rhinos with them, and can recommend Chapterhouse as a reliable seller.

Here they are cleaned up:

I've got a Blood Angel Devastator squad on my painting table right now, but I'll be working on the Rhinos after them. As an aside, my Executioners have been painted using lots of washes, and I've never been able to use washes on large flat areas like the armor plates on a Rhino.  It always turns out splotchy. I was thinking about mixing the washes directly with the silver paint before drybrushing and getting the shading via drybrushing, but I have no idea how that will work. Any suggestions on how to get a similar effect to that on my marines on a Rhino?


  1. I think that may work the mixing the washes with the paint, but without testing really couldn't tell.

    I think a wash in an airbrush would work but that means having an airbrush haha.

    If you mix it I'd very interested to see how it turns out, if you have any spare flat pieces to practice on try it out.

  2. Those doors should fit nicely on an Executioners Rhino. I've been looking at some of the products from Chapter House and your comments on the quality might help me make a decision.

    As far as painting the Rhinos, mixing the wash with the paint isn't going to look the same as washing a painted mini. The wash is translucent and meant to be applied as a top coat, if you mix it into a metallic paint it will spread the metal fleck too much. If you work with a large brush and work against gravity, applying thin coats of wash, you should be able to get the desired effect without the splotchy look.

    But you should experiment with different techniques and see what you like, what you like to do is the most important part of the hobby. I know if I don't like something I quickly lose interest.

  3. I had actually thought about buying an airbrush just for this, but I really don't want to lay out the money to get a nice one right now. I do think that would be the best way to go.

    I had worried that the wash would think the metal paint too much, and I appreciate confirmation. I'll try your suggestion for applying lots of thin washes against gravity and we'll all see if it works out.

    As for Chapterhouse, I was really impressed with the quality of these doors. Granted, it's a small order, but the doors look great. No miscasts or thin areas as I've gotten from Forgeworld before. I definitely recommend them.


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