Sunday, July 10, 2011

High Chaplain Thulsa Kane

So I sat down yesterday intending to paint four more Executioner Tactical Marines. It only made sense. I've finished two Tactical Marines so far, so I really should finish a squad. Plus, I always like to paint a good base of troops first.

A few hours later, when the painting haze cleared, I had made it as far as washing the power armor of the Tactical Marines. Mysteriously, I had also finished painting my conversion of Thulsa Kane. Not really sure where I lost control of the situation. Anyway, I think he came out quite well.

I tried to represent all of Thulsa Kane's wargear on the model. His artificer armor is from Sanguinary Guard with all the blood drops removed, as is his relic axe, Lifetaker. His plasma pistol is from the Space Marine Commander box, which quite appropriately has "Executio" written on the side. Finally, the book hanging from his waist is the Aenigmata Ferrum. The book is the open book from the Dark Angels sprue, cut in half, closed and with a spine green-stuffed on.

This is the first Chaplain I've ever modeled using just plastic parts. I think he came out well, and he certainly is the angriest looking Chaplain that I've ever had the pleasure to paint.


  1. He looks great mate. Amazing work, well done.

  2. Great rendition man, I hope I do as well as you when I attempt to do one.

  3. Thanks for all the kind words! I'm really looking forward to seeing how other players represent Thulsa Kane, since he's the only official Executioners character.

  4. That is a sweet looking Chaplain! I can't believe you paint on all those chapter badges by hand.

  5. The chapter badge isn't actually that bad, at least compared to painting wings for my Blood Angels. Like most freehand, if you break it down into simple shapes, it becomes much easier. I think I'll do a short tutorial on how I paint it soon.

  6. I like what you've done with the model. The overall look is good. I'm not going to make a Kane model for my Executioners, but I had thought about using the Blood Angels Codex so I could field multiple Chaplains. Keep up the excellent painting.

  7. That's an advantage to using the Blood Angels that I hadn't thought of. The background says that the Executioners have a larger number of Chaplains than most chapters, but fielding more than one in a Codex: Space Marine force is difficult. I'll probably just be fielding Thulsa initially, though I would also like a Librarian for all his support powers.

    I've proxied a few test games with the Executioners at 1,000 points, and I like Thulsa so far. He's really hard to kill with a 4++ and Eternal Warrior, and he hits hard with his relic blade. I just wish he had initiative 5 so he could go before other marines.


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