Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Executioners First Squad, Fourth Company

I've finished painting my first Executioners Tactical (not that that's much of a surprise to you since I've put 6 of the 10 model up here already). Here are the remaining 3 standard marines.

Again, I'm happy with how well they came out and I'm still loving the Chaos Warrior helmets. My second Tactical squad (already assembled) has quite a few more special helmets. Now here are some shots of Sgt. Kull, who was featured in the opening picture for this post.

I'm really happy about how he came out. The pose and armament work well, he has my favorite of the helmets, and he just looks menacing. His axe didn't come out perfectly (you can see the join where I glued the back blade on), but it's not too noticeable and my subsequent axes don't seem to have that problem.

Finally, here are some group shots of the completed squad.

I'm starting on the second Tactical squad next, followed by their two Rhinos. I've found some special bitz to add to the Rhinos which I'm hoping look awesome, but you'll have to wait to see them until they arrive and I review them.


  1. Good looking models so far I hope to start getting some work done on mine shortly.


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