Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tribute to a friend, and some miniatures

This post has a bit if a story behind it. In the summer of 2002, I was working at college. I had just finished Freshman year, and I was working in a lab. I had been playing the Blood Angels for four years by that time, but I can't say I was very serious about it. My painting was pretty poor, my army lists were a random smattering of whatever I owned, and my tactics were pretty much jump into Rhinos and charge forward.

Well, I didn't know anyone else staying at school over the summer, and my job left me a lot of free time. I happened across a web site that really changed my wargaming life. The site was Ex Libris Mortis, one of the first 40K internet forums and the first one dedicated to the Blood Angels. It was more than a forum; it had information on painting, playing, and background. It gave me the information and inspiration that I needed take my game to the next level.

I've been posting on that forum ever since. After a couple years, I became a moderator on the site. It's still the first Warhammer site I check every morning. As crazy as it sounds, that site has been a big part of my life.

The owner of that site was Brother Edward, also known as BABE (short for Blood Angel Brother Edward). He started the first real community for a specific army and provided a great resource for everyone entering the game. From his 10,000 points of Blood Angels to his scratch-built Thunderhawk, he inspired a lot of players, myself included. Back when GW ran their own forums on their site, Brother Edward was their head moderator. He put an enormous amount of work into growing the 40K community on the internet, all with no reward.

Edward mostly disappeared from the spotlight as GW closed their forum and Ex Libris Mortis was surpassed in size by sites like Bolter and Chainsword. Many newer players don't know him, but those who were around during his heyday all remember him with a great deal of respect.

Edward died last year. There were posts on all the major forums discussing the impact he had on the hobby and how much he would be missed. On Ex Libris Mortis, we were hit hard. We decided to paint some models that would act as a tribute to Edward and the effect he had on all of us. Each of us had different ideas about how to memorialize him best, but to me, he had to be a Sanguinary Priest, guiding and caring for novice Blood Angels. So here is my new Sanguinary Priest, Brother Edward.

In addition, I painted another Priest, Brother Raphael, as well as a few more Honor Guard Marines to give me some flexibility when I field them.

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