Friday, June 10, 2011

Deep Strike Model Placement

The rules for deep striking require you to place the first model according to your scatter die, then circle the remaining models around it in concentric rings. Depending on the number of models in the squad, that gives your varying levels of control over how you place your models. This means that partial rings are the most flexible, as they give you the most choice in how to place your models.

Let’s start out talking about five strong squads. These are your most flexible squads when deep striking. Let’s assume you’re deep striking the squad with the intent to meltagun a tank, so you drop it 4” away, as shown in the last article on deep striking. You scatter 3” toward the tank. If this were a seven strong squad, you’d have no option but to place models within 1” of the tank, but a five strong squad can be placed like this:

Should you scatter 3” away from the tank, your central model will be 7” from the tank, out of meltagun half range. However, you can place the meltaguns on the inside of the ring to put them in optimal range, as shown:

Seven strong squads have no flexibility, as they have to be set up in a full ring. The eighth man you add beyond that adds flexibility, allowing you to absorb another inch of scatter away from your target without making it any more dangerous to scatter towards the target. The most important thing to remember is to place your models with specialist weaponry, like your meltaguns, where they will be closest to the target. This means that they’ll be the last models placed if you scattered away from the target or they’ll be placed in the last complete ring should you scatter toward the target:

Correct placement when scattering toward the target.

Correct placement when scattering away from the target.

When deep striking, make sure to think about the size of the squad you’re dropping and how to use it to your advantage. The rules are much more flexible than they first appear.

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