Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Assault squad and Sanguinary Guard Squad

I thought I'd take a break from some of the tactical writing to post pictures of my latest two squads. The first is an Assault squad made by combining standard Assault squad and Death Company parts. The squad is painted as the 4th squad of the 8th Company, as I've already painted both Assault squads from my 4th Company. I'm trying to keep the squad markings accurate, no matter how little sense codex organization makes with our current army list. The sergeant's arms are magnetized so he can switch out weapons.

I also just finished my first Sanguinary Guard squad, equipped with 3 infernus pistols and a Chapter Banner. I've got two more Sanguinary Guard to paint with standard weapons to get the level of flexibility that I want but this is how I plan to run them for the moment.

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