Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holding Objectives

Holding objectives is vital in two-thirds of games. This must be done by a Troops squad (or in some cases, other squads that gain Scoring status due to some special rule). I generally classify objectives as either backfield or forward objectives.

Backfield objectives are those within your deployment zone or very near it.H This makes them easy to take control of early in the game, and allows you to quickly establish a defensible firebase to guard the objective. This works best when you have Troops with long-ranged weapons, allowing them to remain in the backfield and still damage the enemy.

Forward objectives are generally anything in your opponent’s half of the table. They’re too far from your deployment zone for you to easily move firepower units to them, and they would lose too much firepower trekking across the battlefield. Forward objectives are best taken by fast moving units, generally assault-oriented ones. You’ll often have to clear enemy units from them, so having some assault hitting power helps.

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