Monday, May 2, 2011

Destroy Enemy Transports

While transports aren’t high priority targets in and of themselves, they provide a massive bonus to squads riding in them. Transports increase the mobility of a squad as well as protecting them from anti-infantry firepower. Therefore, they both help the squad fulfill its objectives and prevent you from damaging the squad. This makes transports much higher priority than their points cost and armament warrants.

While lascannons and missile launchers have difficulty destroying heavy tanks, they reliably penetrate most transports. The first priority of any unit carrying this type of firepower should be to destroy enemy transports, robbing their units of mobility and leaving them vulnerable to your anti-infantry firepower and assault. These weapons are much more desirable than destroying transports using short ranged firepower or in assault. Either of these will leave your squad near the disembarked enemy unit, vulnerable to rapid fire or counter-assault. Use your long range weapons to destroy the transports, then move in to assault their contents.

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