Friday, May 6, 2011

Descent of Angels Armies

A strict Descent of Angels army has a fairly limited choice of units that it can take. These units have some difficulty fulfilling all the roles found in a balanced army, but they compensate by reliably arriving from reserves and precision deep striking. Once they arrive, they maintain impressive mobility. What follows is a short discussion of the units that you can take in an all Descent of Angels army and what roles they fill.

Assault squads: These are extremely flexible units. Properly supported, they can deal with most infantry while they can take meltaguns to destroy tanks. With some careful placement, they can even take out transports and assault their contents. They can also take objectives, though they’re better at holding forward objectives. Holding backfield objectives wastes most of their potential.

Death Company are infantry butchers, while the Death Company Dreadnought can destroy infantry or vehicles, depending on armament. However, they lack scoring potential and are impossible to control.

Librarians provide a great deal of support to the list, while Reclusiarchs have good assault ability and buff the unit they join. Captains have similar assaulting power, but provide nothing in the way of support.

Dante and Astorath both act as strong assaulters while benefitting the unit they join and altering the composition of your army, allowing for special builds. The Sanguinor is a brutal assault unit, as well as providing some benefits that make the rest of your army better in assault.

As mentioned in their entry, the Honor Guard is by far our most flexible unit. They can be equipped to take on any enemy. Once you have most of your army planned, use Honor Guard to fill in any roles that your other units can’t deal with.

Sanguinary Guard excel at killing elite infantry, which would otherwise give your Assault squads problems. Secondarily, they can take infernus pistols to deal with tanks, though their short range makes this more difficult.

Sanguinary Priests are essentially to this style of army. They add to its hitting power, true, but their most important role is increasing your army’s durability. They do this both by giving units Feel No Pain and by allowing them to hit first on the charge against most targets.

Techmarines can provide more deep striking melta, but usually aren’t necessary except in very large game.

Chaplains perform essentially the same role as Reclusiarchs, just not as dangerous in and of themselves.

Fast Attack
Vanguard Veterans are your interceptors. While the rest of your army kills infantry, destroys vehicles, and takes objectives, Vanguard Veterans prevent the enemy from doing the same to you. Their most common uses are destroying enemy firepower units and holding up exceptionally dangerous enemy assault units.

Vanguard Veterans can also be used to support Assault squads. In general, this takes two forms. The first, and most common in my experience, is using them to assault enemy units after an Assault squad destroys their transport. The second is to engage enemy bubble wrap units, pulling them into assault and exposing the units they were protecting.

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