Sunday, April 10, 2011


The Whirlwind is a mobile artillery piece, and it isn’t too common in any Space Marine army. It can indirectly fire a large blast heavy bolter or a large blast bolter that ignores cover. This works best against medium to light infantry, which most Space Marines don’t have much trouble with due to having lots of bolters. In addition, the Whirlwind has very little capacity to damage vehicles. Predators and Baal Predators can provide lots of more reliable anti-infantry firepower in a more survivable tank that can also engage vehicles. In addition, we pay extra for our Whirlwinds because they’re fast, an advantage that they will rarely if ever use.

I’ve seen Whirlwinds used to good effect in certain Codex Marine armies, but I’ve yet to find a good use for Whirlwinds in a Blood Angels army. Between our Assault marines and Predators, Blood Angels rarely have problems with massed light infantry.

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