Sunday, April 10, 2011


Vindicators are a blunt instrument, packing one extremely powerful gun onto a reasonably tough chassis. Our Vindicators, like our other vehicles, are fast, making it even harder for your enemy to avoid the Vindicator’s fire and overcoming the Vindicator’s biggest weakness, the short range of the demolisher cannon.

The Vindicator is very destructive, but it does have some drawbacks that must be considered. First, it only has a single gun, meaning that any “Weapon Destroyed” results neuter it. Second, the demolisher cannon is so dangerous that the Vindicator is guaranteed to attract a lot of firepower. This can often keep a single Vindicator from firing a single shot all game. Finally, the demolisher cannon is lethally dangerous to our own marines if it scatters on them. This makes the Vindicator dangerous to include in armies with lots of Assault troops, as they’ll often be very close to the enemy squads that it will want to target.

The Vindicator can make a strong addition to mechanized, shooty Blood Angels armies. In general, it’s best to take two or three of them to make them harder to suppress. In more assault-based armies, such as jump pack heavy armies, they don’t fit as well.

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