Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The Rhino is usually referred to as ubiquitous, and with good reason. It’s almost a required upgrade for every powered armored squad in the game. Ours is very similar to the standard Rhino, but it’s fast. This is an excellent upgrade, whether the Rhino carries a shooty or assaulty squad.

The Rhino can be used to deliver a squad for short-ranged shooting, followed by assault or it can act as a bunker for a squad holding midfield. In both cases, it’s important to know when to disembark and when to stay in the Rhino. Generally, the Rhino will use its full move in the first turn to get into position, firing its smoke launchers to keep itself safe. After that, you have a few options. You can always keep moving full speed if you still need to reach your position. You can move 12”, disembark, and open fire. This is generally the best idea in two circumstances. The first is if the squad is an assault unit; they can disembark, use whatever shooting they have, and be prepared to assault next turn. The second is if you really need all of the squad’s firepower; this generally applies to squads with bolters that are shooting at infantry. Another option is to slow the tank to 6” and fire weapons out of the top hatch. You can fire two weapons a turn, so this is most useful for Assault squads that can take two special weapons. However, it can be handy for a Tactical squad as well, especially if the sergeant has a combi-melta. Finally, you can park the Rhino in cover, perhaps on an objective, and fire from the top hatch to defend it. This is often a good choice for Tactical squads, as it allows them to take full advantage of their heavy weapon and scoring capacity.

As far as upgrades are concerned, I generally don’t buy any. Almost all of them are fairly expensive (compared to the Rhino, at least) and they don’t add to the survivability of the Rhino. If you have extra points, the best options here are dozer blades and extra armor. Dozer blades are cheap and allow the Rhino to drive through terrain with relative impunity, which can be open up a lot of options on a terrain heavy board. Extra armor helps to keep the Rhino mobile and fulfill its main purpose, and it would be mandatory if it weren’t so expensive. Reserve it for Rhinos carrying very important squads.

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