Saturday, April 16, 2011


The Razorback is similar to the Rhino, sacrificing some of its transport capacity in exchange for a heavy weapon. Razorbacks can be a cheap way to add more firepower to your list, regardless of force organization choices.

Razorbacks are most commonly used in a few situations. First, and by far the most common, is with a five strong Assault squad. The Assault squad generally has a meltagun. They can have a powered close-combat weapon, but they’re really not supposed to get into assault. This squad offers the ability to get cheap, mobile firepower in a Troops choice along with an anti-tank weapon. However, this only really works when you take a lot of these squads. The second most common option is adding the Razorback to a full size Tactical squad. The Tacticals can combat squad and half can ride in the Razorback. This allows you to add more firepower to the Tactical squad, keep the assault weapon and sergeant mobile, and leave the heavy weapon in the backfield. Finally, the Razorback can be added to any squad to increase firepower in a list. Generally, this is only done if the Force Organization slots that would add more efficient firepower are already full and so is confined to large games.

Razorbacks have a variety of weapon options, but some stand above the others. The cheap options are twin-linked heavy bolters or heavy flamers. As I’ve said previously, Blood Angels generally don’t need the anti-infantry firepower that heavy bolters provide and, if they do, there are better platforms for it. Heavy flamers are a good option because they compliment the aggressive nature of most lists and really benefit from being mounted on a fast vehicle. The squad inside can destroy enemy transports and then the Razorback can flame whatever falls out. The more expensive options are twin-linked assault cannons, twin-linked lascannons, or a lascannon an twin-linked plasma guns. The assault cannon is a great gun, as any Space Marine player should know, and is a worthy choice for dealing with both infantry and armor. The lascannon and twin-linked plasma gun outshines the twin-linked lascannon. While it’s not as accurate at long-range, it picks up an extra shot at 24” and two more at 12”. This is great both against light armor, where the plasma gun has a real chance of doing damage, and heavy infantry, where three AP 3 shots will do a lot of damage.

The Razorback is an excellent firing platform, but it restricts the size of squads that you can transport. This generally means that any squad in a Razorback will be too small to hold its own in close-combat. In general, this renders the squad (and the army, if you take enough of them) pretty shooty. However, the small squads can double up to provide a credible threat in assault.

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