Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The standard Predator is a great asset to most Space Marine armies, providing excellent anti-infantry or anti-vehicle firepower with good durability and mobility, for very reasonable points. Blood Angels Predators are a bit different, in their rules and points as well as their role in the army.

As fast vehicles, our Predators produce excellent firepower on the move but they pay extra points for it. In addition, we have access to Baal Predators, which fulfill the anti-infantry and light vehicle role better than standard Predators. This means that our Predators fulfill a unique role as a mobile tank hunter. For this role, I prefer to take a turret autocannon (the turret lascannon is too expensive and I like the autocannon for the extra shot) and sponson-mounted lascannons. This tank can move 6” and put out four high strength shots, or 12” and choose which weapon is best to engage its target (autocannon for armor 11 or less, lascannon for armor 13 or more).  An alternative if you want speed over firepower is to take the turret-mounted lascannon. While it only fires a single shot, it’s a very reliable shot and it can move 12” without any loss of firepower.

Our Predator is an excellent mobile tank hunter, and can fit well in most any Blood Angels army. However, it fits better in mechanized armies where there are other tanks to dilute enemy firepower. Our infantry heavy armies tend to have lots of mobile meltaguns, so hunting mobile tanks is less of a problem. For infantry heavy armies, I tend to prefer Devastators.

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