Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Honor Guard

Note: I wrote this back when I was doing the HQ section, but I forgot to post it, so it's a bit out of order.

The Honor Guard is without a doubt our most flexible unit. It can take a full range of close combat equipment as well as special weapons. In addition, it comes with a Sanguinary Priest built into it. This means he can’t be picked out in close combat, making him much less vulnerable than the Elite Sanguinary Priest.

The Honor Guard can be equipped to perform just about any function you need. You can take tons of power weapons and shred enemy units or load the unit with storm shields to tie up enemy assault units. You can also load up with four meltaguns, flamers, or plasma guns to turn this into a mobile firepower unit capable of annihilating almost any target when they drop. You can easily mix these roles to produce a unit that can perform well in many circumstances, but this gets expensive fast. Remember that even with feel no pain, this unit is only five strong and will die quickly if the enemy devotes real attention to it. Don’t make them a priority target for your opponent.

I generally use the Honor Guard to support my other squads. This usually means that they take several meltaguns and a few power fists. The unit hangs out with my Assault squads, keeping them within the Novitiate’s aura and shooting tanks. If any tough enemy unit shows up, particularly Dreadnoughts, the Honor Guard can charge in and destroy it with their power fists.

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