Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Devastator Squads

Devastator squads provide a great deal of firepower combined with the durability of an infantry squad. Codex Marine Devastators pay a premium for their heavy weapons, but our Devastators pay the same as Tactical Marines. This means that our Devastators provide the cheapest, most durable firepower that we have access to. However, they’re totally immobile when they fire.

Devastators are pretty simple to use: just deploy them with a commanding view of the battlefield and open fire on the enemy. Choosing where to deploy your is one of the most important decisions that you make with your Devastators; the other how to arm them. In general, we have better sources of anti-infantry fire, so heavy bolters are a poor choice for Devastators. Multi-meltas also don’t work well as they’re very short-ranged for such a stationary unit. Missile launchers are widely considered the best choice, both because of their flexibility and their cheap cost. However, lascannons and plasma cannons are both good choices if you want extra vehicle killing power or to take out heavy infantry, respectively.

It’s also worth noting that there are good reasons to take 5 or 10 strong Devastator squads. At 5 strong, they can take the full compliment of heavy weapons, which means this squad produces the maximum amount of firepower for a given amount of points. As you add marines, the squad becomes more durable but less points efficient. However, when you reach 10 marines, the squad can divide into combat squads. This is a big deal for Devastators as it essentially allows the squad to divide its fire. For most purposes, in small games, it’s better to bring 5 strong Devastator squads to maximize your firepower for the points, while in larger games, 10 strong Devastator squads are able to survive the increased firepower and allow you to engage more targets with three heavy support choices.

Devastators make a great addition to infantry heavy Blood Angels armies. They provide cheap heavy firepower and don’t add vulnerable vehicles to your army, and their immobility isn’t much of a problem when the rest of your army has jump packs. The Devastators provide ranged anti-vehicle firepower that jump armies normally lack, and they’re invaluable in destroying transports and stunning tanks in preparation for the arrival of your jump troops.

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