Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Army Building

I’ve finally finished my unit reviews, so I can move on to discussing how to build and use a Blood Angels army. For the time being, I’m going to be concentrating on armies that are predominantly jump infantry. While there are other types of Blood Angels armies that work very well, I started playing Blood Angels because of Assault marines. For me, Blood Angels armies will always be dominated by jump troops.

In my mind, every army needs to be able to do the following things, which I’ll discuss in the next couple posts.

1. Kill enemy infantry.
2. Neutralize heavy tanks.
3. Destroy enemy transports.
4. Hold objectives.

Kill enemy infantry
My first concern is always the ability to destroy enemy units. No matter what force you face, you will have to destroy enemy infantry. Fortunately, most units in the game come equipped with a basic armament designed to engage infantry. This means that almost any design of army will have the ability to take out some infantry. However, there are several types of infantry that you need to be prepared for.

Horde infantry consists of extremely large numbers of infantry. Generally, they’re not too survivable but have good hitting power. The masters of this are Tyranids and Orks, but you can run into other horde builds. Hordes rely on large units that can withstand a large number of casualties and still be a threat in close-combat. In order to deal with them, you need generate lots of attacks. The strength and AP of the attacks are secondary to the number.

Elite infantry are the opposite. They are generally small in number, but they are individually extremely survivable and dish out a lot of damage. The archetypical example of this is the Terminator. Elite infantry provide massive local superiority, and will destroy most units one-on-one. There are two ways to deal with elite infantry. You can either hit them with high quality attacks, which ignore their high toughness or armor, or swamp them with large numbers of low quality attacks. Both options need to be planned for when designing your army. High quality attacks are generally expensive to take en masse, while very few units can produce enough attacks to wear down elite infantry.

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