Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Land Speeder Squadrons

Land Speeders provide fast and hard hitting firepower to Space Marine armies, and Blood Angels are no exception. Two loadouts stand above the others.

The first is a Speeder is the classic Tornado with a multi-melta and heavy flamer. This is a fairly cheap option that can reliably damage vehicles and light to medium infantry, while still being a threat to heavy infantry. With two useful weapons, a weapon destroyed result won’t totally neuter it. The downside to this Speeder is that it’s a short-ranged threat, and it will often be shot down once it makes its first attack run. However, it makes a great distraction and can often take out a much more expensive target in a single run. This Speeder can either deploy normally and speed toward its target, relying on its cover save to keep it safe, or deep strike to be an immediate threat.

The second loadout is the Typhoon, generally with a heavy bolter and typhoon missile launcher. The Typhoon has the range to avoid most return fire, and the speed to fire all useful weapons while moving 12”. When targeting vehicles, only the missiles matter, so the heavy bolter is no loss. When targeting infantry, the Typhoon can fire the heavy bolter and two frag missile (which are defensive) while moving 12”. No matter the target, the Typhoon can remain mobile while putting out significant firepower.   The Typhoon generally works best deployed normally so that it can provide its firepower from the beginning.

It’s worth noting the other weapon that a Speeder can mount, the assault cannon. While the assault cannon is a great weapon, it nearly doubles the cost of the Speeder and encourages it to move to a range where it is vulnerable to large amounts of anti-infantry infantry. In generally, it’s best to avoid it on Speeders and use it other platforms.

Speeders can be useful for providing mobile firepower for any target. However, we have a great deal of other options that standard Marines don’t. Our Assault squads provide melta and flamer shots while having a more accurate deep strike, and our Predators provide more firepower while being almost as mobile. Devastators are stationary but get their missile launchers for fewer points each. However, if speed is a priority or you’ve already filled up slots with the competing options, Speeders are an excellent option. In addition, they work well with both mechanized and jump pack based armies.

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