Monday, March 14, 2011

Attack Bike Squads

Attack Bike squads fill a similar role to Land Speeder squadrons. They provide hard-hitting but very mobile firepower. Attack Bikes cannot mount the number or range of weapons that the Speeder can, but they can take either heavy bolters or multi-meltas, allowing them to engage either infantry or vehicles.

Attack Bikes compete with Land Speeders for both points and slots, since they perform similar roles. However, the Attack Bikes have several advantages working in their favor. They’re cheaper than Land Speeders and far easier to hide from line of sight due to their smaller, lower profile. Both are pretty durable against both massed, low strength and high strength shooting. The Attack Bike gets a better cover save when turbo-boosting, which can save it from low AP shooting. Also, the Attack Bike can charge into combat. This can be extremely useful against enemy shooting units, as they will struggle to kill even a single Attack Bike. However, the Attack Bike cannot ignore terrain while the Land Speeder can, cannot deep strike, and doesn’t have the range of weapons the Speeder does.

Attack Bikes are very useful models, and personal preference will determine whether you take them or Land Speeders. I prefer Attack Bikes as multi-melta platforms as they’re cheaper and easier to hide. As far as anti-infantry firepower, I would suggest the Baal Predator rather than the Attack Bike. It’s a bit slower when firing all weapons, but it produces better firepower and is much more durable.

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