Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stormraven Gunships

The Stormraven Gunship is the flashiest addition to our Fifth Edition Codex. It’s an impressive unit, being a fast skimmer mounting a variety of weapons, able to transport two units, one of them a Dreadnought. Melta weapons don’t get an extra penetration die against it, and the Power of the Machine Spirit allows it to fire an extra weapon, even when moving flat out. However, it’s easy to confuse its role in your army.


Dreadnoughts are a solid, flexible unit that fit well into a variety of armies. They’re essentially a crippled Marine encased in a gigantic suit of Terminator armor, and they can be fielded with a large variety of weapon options. In general, they are fielded to fill three roles.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scout Bike Squads

Scout Bikers are an extremely niche unit. They’re just as fast as any other bikers, and they have unparalleled deployment options with both Infiltrate and a 24” Scout move. However, they’re very expensive for an upgraded Scout, complete with low weapon and ballistic skill and a 4+ save. This renders them pretty easy to kill.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bike Squadrons

Bike squads are a rarity in Blood Angel armies, but they can fulfill important roles in certain list builds. In general, you can think of Bikes as really good Tactical squads. They’re faster and tougher, and they can carry two special weapons as well as a heavy weapon that can fire while moving. However, our Bikes fight in combat just as well as our Tactical Marines. This means they won’t kill much, but they are great at holding up enemy units. If you combine their toughness 5 with Feel No Pain from a Priest, a Blood Angels Bike squad will tie up all but the most dangerous enemy squads.

Attack Bike Squads

Attack Bike squads fill a similar role to Land Speeder squadrons. They provide hard-hitting but very mobile firepower. Attack Bikes cannot mount the number or range of weapons that the Speeder can, but they can take either heavy bolters or multi-meltas, allowing them to engage either infantry or vehicles.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Baal Predators

The Baal Predator is a unique unit to the Blood Angels, and one of the first unique units we received, in the 3rd Edition Codex. While other Predators target armor or are generalists, the Baal Predator specializes in wiping out infantry. It generally has two load-outs, one that wipes out light to medium infantry and one that takes out power armor.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Land Speeder Squadrons

Land Speeders provide fast and hard hitting firepower to Space Marine armies, and Blood Angels are no exception. Two loadouts stand above the others.

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