Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Terminator Squad

Blood Angels Terminators are no different than the standard Codex equivalents. They provide fairly mobile firepower (either anti-infantry with the assault cannon or anti-vehicle with the cyclone missile launcher) while being durable and pretty good in combat. While they won’t measure up to Assault Terminators in close-combat, they all have armor-ignoring weapons and will tear apart any enemy squad that’s not packing lots of power weapons.

Terminators are a balanced support unit, capable of engaging the enemy in all phases of the game. However, their slow speed and good firepower mean that they fit best into a defensive, reactive army. If placed in a Land Raider or deployed via deep strike, they sacrifice their significant shooting for several turns. In addition, they aren’t as dangerous up-close as Assault Terminators, who sacrifice nothing by using these alternate deployment methods.

As mentioned above, Terminators work best in a slower, more reactive army, where their firepower can greatly influence the battle without their slow speed hindering them much. As you may have deduced, not many Blood Angels armies play this way. If yours does, Terminators can be a valuable addition.

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