Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Techmarine is a choice that simply doesn’t know what role it wants to fill. This is a problem he shares with his counterparts in other marine codices. He can be easily equipped for close-combat, but he can’t join another squad and his servitor bodyguard is better at shooting. However, but his servitors are far too easy to kill to be trusted with heavy weapons or power fists. He can repair vehicles, but he only does it well when equipped with a servo-harness and servitor bodyguard, which mean he’s too slow to keep up with our vehicles.

The best use I’ve seen for the Techmarine is as relatively cheap, reliable melta delivery. Give him a combi-melta and jump pack and he’ll put one melta shot exactly where you want it before dying horribly next turn. I generally prefer a Land Speeder for deep striking melta (as it’s more likely to survive and continue to contribute in subsequent turns), but the Techmarine gives you the option for deep striking melta in Elite slots.

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