Monday, February 28, 2011

Sternguard Veterans

Our Sternguard veterans are the same as for standard Marines. They provide excellent close-ranged shooting, and they can carry multiple heavy weapons in small squads. Sternguard are our most flexible shooting unit, and they also are a rare opportunity to take heavy flamers on infantry. The heavy flamers are a good option if the squad is mounted, as it greatly accentuates their short-ranged firepower. Finally, the squad can take multiple combi-weapons, allowing them specialized firepower while maintaining their specialized bolters.

Sternguard have access to four types of special bolter ammunition. While they are all useful in certain circumstances, the hellfire rounds are generally the best choice. They reliably put a massive amount of wounds on any target, which will result in failed armor saves and casualties. Kraken bolts are useful if you need to shoot out to 30” or if you’re shooting at an enemy with a 4+ without cover, while Dragonfire bolts should be used if you’re targeting units with a 5+ save or less that are in cover. Vengeance rounds should be used when firing at 3+ save units that don’t have cover (and you don’t mind potentially taking a casualty from “Gets Hot”).

Sternguard make a good addition to a mechanized Blood Angels army. When mounted in a Rhino, they provide mobile and hard-hitting firepower  that can engage any target. However, they are generally a poor fit in non-mechanized forces.

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