Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Furioso Dreadnought

The Furioso Dreadnought is a close-combat monster. Its high armor value means that it can shrug off most incoming fire and, most importantly, it’s very difficult to hurt with power fists in close-combat. Unless the squad you’re fighting has a chainfist or S9+ attacks, the Furioso can munch through it with fairly little fear of taking damage. In addition, the Furioso has a truly bewildering array of options that allow you to tailor it for any opponent. 

The default weapons are blood fists, which are standard dreadnought close-combat weapons. These provide a limited number of high strength attacks, and are a good choice if you want to be able to reliably damage any target, especially vehicles. You can switch the blood fists for blood talons, which act as lightning claws. They lack the strength bonus of the fists, but they give the Furioso an extra attack for each unsaved wound it causes. While they reduce your ability against vehicles (especially other walkers), blood talons are simply brutal against infantry and enemy monstrous creatures.  The final option for main armament is the frag cannon. This sacrifices one of the blood fists for the ability to fire two rending templates. When combined with a heavy flamer, this allows the Furioso to fire three medium strength templates. This will also demolish squads of light infantry (but isn’t as good as blood talons against heavy infantry). It’s particularly good when the Furioso is drop podding, as it can reliably damage an enemy squad as soon as it lands rather than having to wait to charge.

There are several other upgrades. The heavy flamer is always a good option, as the Furioso should be trying with every fiber of its being to be as close to the enemy as possible at all times. For the same reason, extra armor is an excellent buy because it keeps the Furioso moving. The searchlight is mostly a choice to take if you have one extra point left to spend. The magna-grapple is a fun and useful choice. It can drag an enemy vehicle toward the Furioso, which will often allow the Furioso to assault it. For this reason, magna-grapples are better combined with blood fists for a Dreadnought designed to hunt vehicles. It’s important to note that, aside from the ability to drag vehicles, the magna-grapple is another high strength, low AP shot, and is worth the points just for that.

The final, and perhaps most interesting, option is the Librarian Furioso. The Librarian Furioso carries a blood fist and force weapon, which allows it to cause instant death on any high toughness models that can’t be insta-killed by the S10 fist. Its most important upgrade is ability to take two psychic powers and a psychic hood. Generally, you’ll want Wings of Sanguinius and Shield of Sanguinius. A jump packing Dreadnought is pretty terrifying, as assault Dreadnoughts are mainly limited by their mobility. The Shield makes it more survivable and supports any units around it. Other good options are Might of Heroes and Blood Spear, both of which increase its offensive output.

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