Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Assault Terminator Squad

Assault Terminators tend to be a better fit in Blood Angels army than Tactical Terminators. They sacrifice their shooting for better close-combat weapons. This actually helps them fit in a mobile, aggressive army, as Blood Angels armies tend to be. Since they have no shooting, they don’t sacrifice anything by being kept off the table initially. This allows them to deploy by deep strike or in a transport, either a Land Raider or Stormraven, without sacrificing their influence on the battle. 

There are two weapon options for Assault Terminators. Default is a pair of lightning claws. This is the only way Terminators ever get an additional attack and, with four attacks each and re-rolls to wound, lightning claw Terminators shred enemy infantry. Lightning claws also mesh well with furious charge, getting the full benefit from both the increased strength and initiative. The other option is a thunder hammer and storm shield. As far as offensive power goes, thunder hammer Terminators hit as hard as their Tactical counterparts, though they have special rules that help against vehicles and multi-wound models. The big selling point here is the storm shield, which provides a 3+ invulnerable save. Combined with terminator armor (and feel no pain, if you can manage it), thunder hammer storm shield Terminators can hold their own against the toughest opposition. They’re unconcerned by small numbers of high quality attacks, though large numbers of standard attacks will eventually wear them down. Feel no pain drastically reduces the effectiveness of mass attacks against them, and a squad with an attached Priest can hold up, if not defeat, just about any enemy squad in the game.

Assault Terminators fit well into both mechanized and jump pack heavy armies. Whether they arrive by Land Raider, Storm Raven, or deep strike, use them aggressively and keep the pressure on your opponent. Assault Terminators are too big a threat to be ignored, and you can use them to tie up or re-direct portions of the enemy army. The key is to be aggressive with them. The only way Assault Terminators are wasted is when they never get into assault.

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