Friday, January 7, 2011

Scout Squads

Scouts have lost a point of weapon skill and ballistic skill since our last codex, but they still can perform an important role in our armies. Previously, Scouts were most useful as an assault oriented Troop. However, Assault marines are Troops and perform much better in assault, as well as carrying special weapons. In addition, Scouts being able to infiltrate or outflank is not a big deal considering how accurate our deep striking units are.

Scouts are cheap, survivable in cover, and can be armed with long-ranged guns. This makes them excellent at holding backfield objectives, something our armies can struggle with. Five Scouts with camo cloaks are cheaper than a full Tactical squad or five Assault marines with a Razorback, our other Troop options that can provide meaningful fire support. When in cover, the Scouts are more survivable than their power armored battle-brothers. While Scouts should never be a major part of your force, a squad or two will win you objective based games.

It’s also worth noting that Scouts can take a locator beacon. Our jump packers are generally accurate enough on the deep strike that they don’t need one, but our other deep strikers can make good use of it. However, Scouts work best in our army when placed in the backfield, and you’ll rarely want drop troops near them. However, if you’re taking heavy hitting deep strikers without jump packs, such as Terminators or a squad in Land Raider, it can be worth taking a squad of Scouts to guide them in.

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