Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host

The Sanguinor is one of our characters that isn’t an independent character. Thus, he can never join a squad and be protected from shooting and he can’t enter a transport that has another squad in it. However, he has the statline and rules to stand on his own. He comes with a jump pack, so he’s one of our HQs that fits well into a primarily jump packer list.

Sanguinor has a solid statline, with high weapon skill, strength, and attacks. He always has Furious Charge, which is nice, and he’s our only model with Eternal Warrior, so you don’t have to worry about being instant-deathed by a lascannon. He has artificer armor and a 3+ invulnerable save, so he’s pretty resilient.

Sanguinor is fairly capable of taking on enemy infantry, but he will be dragged down by lots of standard attacks. He is at his best taking on elite enemy units or characters, where his attacks can be directed against valuable models and he can shrug off a limited number of high strength, armor ignoring attacks. In addition, Sanguinor can re-roll both failed to hit and to wound rolls against a single enemy HQ. This makes him a very capable assassin.

While Sanguinor is a fearsome model on his own, his cost is only really justified by the support he gives to the rest of your army. First, he turns one of your sergeants (chosen randomly) into a mini-character, raising him almost to the statline of a Reclusiarch. It’s important to remember this when planning an army with the Sanguinor. Avoid squads that have sergeants that won’t see assault, such as Tactical or Devastator squads. This will ensure that the Sanguinor’s Blessing is on a sergeant that can use it.

Finally, the Sanguinor grants all units within 6” an extra attack. When combined with our Priests’ auras, this can make every squad within a small area extremely dangerous. Use this to create overwhelming force in a small area of the battlefield. As long as you can maintain momentum, the Sanguinor can lead a few squads on a rampage through the enemy lines. Also note that this can be combined with the effects of a Chapter Banner, producing a Sanguinary Guard or Honor Guard squad with a ridiculous number of attacks.

The Sanguinor is an expensive but useful model, and he can be included in jump pack heavy armies at higher points levels. He works best in very aggressive lists that concentrate on overwhelming a small area of the enemy line with elite assault troops. In general, the less expensive character options will probably support your army better while not taking up as many points, but the Sanguinor is a good choice if you want a strong assault character that still augments the rest of your army.

Note: I'm using a picture of my old Captain model here, since I think he's much more fitting as the Sanguinor than as a Captain. Also, I think he looks better than the Sanguinor model.


  1. Hey im wondering how many points would this character would be cuz, the games work shop guy said u can use even if u dont have a BA army witch i have a ultramarines and i have downloaded the codex online but hes not in it and well i dont want to use 30$ on a codex for 1 guy so plz can u tell me how much points this guy would be thx :P

  2. I think the GW employee was just trying to get you to buy him. There aren't any rules allowing Sanguinor to be taken with armies other than Blood Angels. The store may allow you to mix units from different codexes, but I would make very sure you can use him before you buy him (he's an expensive model).

    GW has a history of taking legal action against sites that post exact points or rules, so I'm afraid I can't tell you exactly how much he costs. I will say that he's more than a Land Raider, and the same cost as Logan Grimnir or Lord Kaldor Draigo, if you have access to those codexes.

    He has a ton of special rules, so I don't think you'd be able to use him without the codex even if you had the points cost. He works best with a very fast, close-combat oriented army. If you really like the model and want to use him with your Ultramarines, I would play him as a counts as Captain with relic blade.

  3. "GW has a history of taking legal action against sites that post exact points or rules"



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