Sunday, January 16, 2011


This is my alternative choice for HQ, taken when I’m looking for a harder hitting HQ that can survive multiple assaults. He’s got any extra wound and attack compared to the Librarian. Combined with his 4+ invulnerable save, this means that he is much harder to kill and hits harder as well. His BS5 also means that he’s an excellent model to give an infernus pistol.

In addition, he allows the squad he’s with to re-roll missed to hit rolls when they assault. This is essentially the same as Unleash Rage, though it doesn’t work in subsequent rounds of combat.

The Reclusiarch is a good HQ choice if you want someone more survivable and harder hitting that still supports your army. In addition, he’s a great choice if you’re taking Death Company, as he allows them to re-roll both to hit and to wound rolls.

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