Friday, January 28, 2011

Mephiston, Lord of Death

Mephiston is a wrecking ball. He has a statline that would be more fitting on a monstrous creature and psychic powers to augment his already fearsome close-combat abilities. Like the Sanguinor, he is not an independent character. However, the small size of his model makes him easy to screen with both vehicles and infantry.

Mephiston can use an impressive three psychic powers a turn. He has access to Sanguine Sword, Unleash Rage, Wings of Sanguinius, and his force weapon. When he can cast his powers unimpeded, he will easily fly across the battlefield, cutting down squads at a time. However, unlike our other Librarians, Mephiston doesn’t support the rest of the army very much. All of his powers can only be cast on himself, and all he brings to the army as a whole is his psychic hood. In addition to his psychic powers, Mephiston can attempt to transfix one enemy independent character in base contact, rendering that character extremely vulnerable to his attacks. This allows to take one enemy characters as well as enemy squads.

Mephiston is heavily reliant on his psychic powers. In combat, Sanguine Sword and Unleash Rage make his already impressive attacks terrifying. He needs Wings of Sanguinius to move around the battle quickly and reach combat. If your enemy has some way to reliably block Mephiston’s powers, his usefulness will be severely reduced. Also, he doesn’t have an invulnerable save and is very vulnerable to squads with lots of low AP shooting attacks or multiple power fists in close combat. Keep him covered and choose your fights carefully.

Mephiston is a assault monster, but adds little else to your army. He works best in an army with lots of vehicles, as he can use them for cover as he advances on the enemy. He actually should be avoided in a heavily jump pack force because, even though he can move as jump infantry (as long as his psychic powers aren’t blocked), he can’t deep strike. Mephiston should be taken when you want a character that can demolish entire units in assault, but, once again, the cheaper choices that better support your army as a whole are probably more competitive.

Thanks to Brother Weasel of Ex Libris Mortis for the picture of his Mephiston model.

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