Sunday, January 23, 2011

Commander Dante

Dante is a fairly flexible HQ choice that works best with a primarily jump pack army. He’s a bit better than a Captain in assault, and he packs an infernus pistol, so he’s a useful addition to any squad that will be seeing assault. Still, Dante isn’t that impressive on his own. Most of his worth lies in special rules that affect your army.

Dante’s greatest affect on your army is making Sanguinary Guard Troops. This allows you to take a completely Sanguinary Guard army, which while fun (and cheap to buy), is difficult to use well. However, being able to take a squad or two as Troops gives you some durable scoring units that are more than capable of clearing objectives.  In addition, he gives the squad he joins Hit and Run and allows them to deep strike without any scatter. This works great with any squad that has some firepower and is dangerous in close-combat. Generally this means Sanguinary Guard or Honor Guard. Finally, Dante can curse a single enemy independent character, taking a point of weapon skill and initiative and one attack and one wound from them. This is a great bonus, but doesn’t alter the game as a whole very much.

Overall, Dante is a great commander for a larger jump pack based army if you’re planning on taking at least one squad of Sanguinary Guard. He doesn’t add much to other styles of lists, such as mechanized or Dreadnought heavy.

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