Monday, January 24, 2011

Chapter Master Gabriel Seth

Gabriel Seth is a surprisingly useful HQ choice, but he can’t take a jump pack. This limits him to a mechanized or hybrid army. Rather than a power weapon, Seth carries Blood Reaver, a gigantic, strength 8, rending chainsword. In addition, he can sacrifice his normal attacks to inflict one automatic hit on every model in base contact. Finally, he get to inflict a free hit (though without the benefit of Blood Reaver) on any enemy model that rolls a 1 to hit him. All of these are backed up by a statline almost as good as Dante’s, lacking only one point of initiative.

While these abilities, Seth can bounce off elite enemy units, who will have the armor to weather his attacks and be in small enough squads that his special abilities don’t come into play. That’s fine; we have units like the Sanguinary Guard to cut down heavy infantry. Seth is at his best against hordes of light infantry and vehicles. His ability to automatically hit all models in base contact is great when he’s surrounded by numerous enemies (who usually won’t have enough armor to make his lack of a power weapon a problem). In addition, the large number of incoming attacks will mean more 1’s rolled to hit him, and his unmodified strength 4 return attacks have the capacity to do some damage against light infantry.

Where Seth really shines is against vehicles. He has 4 attacks at initiative with strength 8 and rending, which is a serious threat to most vehicles. He will happily carve apart Dreadnoughts in assault, which assault heavy Blood Angels armies tend to have trouble with. Also, his ability to hit any model in base contact automatically is great against fast moving vehicles, where he would otherwise only hit on a 6.

Seth is a solid choice for an aggressive mechanized or hybrid army. For a very reasonable cost, he’s great at handling some types of enemies that we often have trouble with. However, he doesn’t fill the normal HQ role of taking on elite enemies, so be sure you build your army so other units can handle them.

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