Saturday, January 29, 2011

Captain Tycho

Captain Tycho can be taken as either of two versions, standard and Death Company. I’ll discuss the standard version first, then the Death Company version. Tycho has a standard Captain’s statline. He’s apparently been raiding a Codex Chapter’s armory, as he has artificer armor, digital weapons, and a combi-melta with Sternguard special ammunition, none of which our standard Captains have access to. In addition, his attacks count as a monstrous creature’s attacks. Finally, he passes his leadership onto the rest of the army, which is a nice bonus. Also, he has Preferred Enemy: Orks, which has essentially no affect on anything at all.

Tycho has to be taken with a mechanized or hybrid army, as he lacks access to a jump pack and needs a ride. He’s our shootiest HQ with the special ammo bolter, and compliments a squad of Sternguard or Tacticals.

Death Company Tycho gains the Death Company special rules along with fleet, as well as an attack and point of weapon skill. He loses a point of ballistic skill and two points of leadership. He also loses Rites of Battle, but most importantly, he loses independent character status. He doesn’t have resiliency to match Sanguinor or Mephiston, and he can be killed by shooting  fairly easily.

Neither version of Tycho is a particularly competitive option, and you’ll usually be better off taking another option. Standard Tycho can be a characterful option in a mechanized list, particularly if you have some Sternguard. Death Company Tycho really doesn’t fit into any list, so I would just avoid him.

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