Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Astorath the Grim

Astorath is our head Chaplain, and he fights just as well as any Reclusiarch (though he has an extra point of weapon skill compared to them). He has the same abilities to augment the Death Company as the other Chaplains, and he has an excellent axe that is a strength 6 power weapon that forces enemy models to re-roll successful invulnerable saves. He comes with a jump pack, so he fits into any jumper heavy list very well. However, these factors alone don’t come close to being worth Astorath’s significant points cost.

If you’re taking Astorath, it’s for one of his special abilities. He allows you to take more than one squad of Death Company. This can be useful for a themed army, but you’ll rarely want more than a single Death Company squad if you’re trying to make an efficient army. His other special rule means that squads are subject to the Red Thirst on a roll of 1-3, rather than just 1. This really increases the hitting power of your army as a whole and saves you points on buying Sanguinary Priests. In addition, the furious charge bonus from the Red Thirst can’t be removed during the game, unlike the bonus from the Priest. Remember that the Priest also brings feel no pain, so you’ll be missing out on that if you rely on Astorath’s ability to get your furious charge. He works particularly well with Vanguard Veterans, which benefit enormously from furious charge but rarely will be within range of a Priest when they need it.

Overall, Astorath is a useful HQ for assault heavy armies (particularly jump pack heavy ones) that want to save points on taking Sanguinary Priests. He’s dangerous in his own right, and gives innate furious charge to half your army, even if it is determined randomly.

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